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What Women Want

Mother's day is next weekend. And graduations. And birthdays. Why does it always feel like Mother's Day gets shoved in between a bunch of other obligations? Typical for moms, I guess. Because of that, we know moms are busy. And tired. And used to putting themselves last. So we came up with a list of our favorite things that help us through mom-ing. And all can be purchased online and arrive before next Sunday--with time to spare. So forward this along to your husbands, dads, whoever. Time's a tickin'.

1. Ok, so the Stanley cup. We know. But honestly? It really is worth the hype. Keeps (a lot of) water cold so we don't forget to hydrate ourselves (or is that just us?). Has the handle. Fits in the SUV or minivan's cupholder. Honestly, we love it.

2. This sleep mask isn't glamorous but the built-in headphones for those sleep meditations, audio books (or, let's be real, true crime podcasts), or just white noise can make for as good of a night's sleep as possible with little ones in the house.

3. Espresso. The nectar of life. But really, I got this Nespresso for my birthday last year and being able to make (almost) Starbucks quality drinks without having to load my kids in the car has been a game changer.

4. Drybar hairdryer. Hear me out. The mom bun often reigns supreme but when we want to elevate that look a bit, this thing makes it so easy. It's a step up from that viral Revlon one (though I've had that and liked it well enough!) and it really does let me get that bouncy Drybar blowout at home.

5. I take my Kindle everywhere. If I have to wait through a ballet class or in school pickup line, it's so nice to read something without rhyming words or pictures for once (though you can download those on here too). This new one is also waterproof so whether its your bath time or their's, it's safe.

6. Another basic mom item: the Lululemon Belt Bag. This is the slightly larger one and it's truly perfect for those trips to the park. It can fit not only your keys and phone, but a spare diaper, and a pouch or granola bar or too. Because we know it is always snacktime.

7. Kids are loud. The loudest. And somehow it's the noise that always sets me over the overstimulated edge. These Loop earplugs are such a lifesaver in those moments. And, truly, about as chic as earplugs could possibly get.

8. When was the last time you drank all of your coffee, while it was hot, without reheating first? It's ok, I'll wait. Probably however old your kid is plus like 3 days? This Yeti coffee mug was gifted to me as a new mom and I think I've used it every day since. It doesn't stop your kids from interrupting you, but it does help your coffee stay warm until you can come back to it.

9. Last but not least, my all-time favorite Mother's Day gift, something my husband has done for me nearly every year since having kids (except 2020, for obvious reasons). A day at the spa just hits different when you're a mom. It's time away. It's quiet. It's just for and about you. It's touching that you asked for, want even. It's honestly my favorite thing. I like to go with my mom so it's really a gift for both of us. Bonus points for the champagne bar next to our favorite spa that is really just the cherry on top. So if you're shopping for a mom, the above is all great. But this... this is just *chef's kiss*.

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