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a LITTLE about us

Hi there, we're so glad you're here! Right now, this venture is just us, Jamie and Claire. Cousins, friends, moms, and now, the head and heart of Hümanette.


As our families have grown and our lives have changed, we've noticed ourselves--and our friends--longing for a place to feel like ourselves: (relatively) young women with ideas and work to do, friends to catch up with, and a big need for an occasional break. This is why they say it takes a village to raise a child--we all need a little helps sometimes. So welcome to your village: Hümanette. A parent-forward, child-focused cafe with a dedicated supervised play area for children primarily aged 0-6, will provide them with creative, physical, and social-emotional play experiences while their adult caretakers can take the opportunity to get some work done, socialize, or just relax and focus on themselves, something that is often a challenge with young children.


We're working hard behind the scenes to bring you a beautiful, fun space to fill your literal and proverbial cup. While we do so, we're here, talking about all the LITTLE things. For now, the space is digital but the community is real. We want to celebrate the joys of raising children with you, while keeping it real that this whole thing can be tough as hell. So here we are, doing just that. 


Jamie | KCMO

I'm Jamie, a mom of two in downtown Kansas City. Urban Planner by education. Former 8-5'er, current Stay-at-Home (read work-at-home) mom. Coffee lover. Occasional over-indulger and frequent over-thinker. I'm mom to Sloane (5) and Graham (3), wife to Aaron, mess-cleaner and water-dish-filler to Henry. 

Basically, I'm just like you; a gal trying to navigate post-pandemic life with two kids, ever-changing expectations, to-do lists, and not nearly enough hours in the day.


Claire | East Coast

I'm Claire, your typical city girl turned suburban mom based in Greenwich, CT.  I go by “mama” to Leo (3) and Anthony (1), and can usually be found on-the-go whether it’s at school drop-off or the streets of NYC.  Like all moms, I am a wearer of many hats.  For me some of them include: wife to Dino, traveler, runner, beach lover, and boy mom.I’ve spent the past decade creating video content for brands you know at publishers you’ve likely heard of.  Now, I’m passionate about building a beautiful communal space for families just like mine to work, play and grow.

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