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Hümanette Gift Guide 2023: making holiday shopping a LITTLE easier

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

As I'm sure your inbox can attest to, holiday shopping is well under way. I know that between my kids' lists, everything they've circled in the Amazon catalog (which is, everything), and things I've seen, shopping for the kids in my life can easily get out of hand (and over budget). To try to make it a little easier on everyone, I've crowdsourced some gift ideas for all the kids, infant to teen.

Babies & Toddlers (Ages 0-2): This age can be fun to shop for but if they're anything like me, most parents don't really want more noisy, easily broken toys from well-meaning gift givers. All of these gifts get my "not annoying" stamp of approval and are things we actually have and enjoy in our house.

Mirror Balls: These reflective, light

weight metal balls are entertaining to babies and toddlers.

Pop Up Toy: This has been my go-to gift for one year olds for years now. It's such a simple toy but it delights young toddlers. The pegs spring out, the color matching, it's always a hit.

Push Wagon: Great for learning w

alkers and older toddlers alike. It's a great supportive walking tool and they can collect and push around all their favorite things. My 5.5 year old still likes this (though she's far too tall for it at this point).

Indoor Climbing Set: Colorful and oversized building blocks are fantastic for developing fine motor skills and creativity.

Color Sorting Puzzle: A great posting and color sorting material for toddlers. The idea is simple b

ut the combinations are endless.

Lovevery Block Set: I'm a huge fan of Lovevery's toys and age-based sets, they're so well made and my kids have always loved them. This block set is a great introduction to their products and it includes many favorites, including the peg dolls which are beloved in our house.

Preschoolers (Ages 3-5): I've got two of these at home so this list consists of things we have and love and things my kids will be unwrapping this year.

Dollhouse or Barn: Pretend play is so big at this age. Both dollhouses and this exact barn get constant use in our home and are some of the few toys we never rotate away. These specific ones are great because they fold up to close and are easy to put away on a shelf.

Play Silks & Fort Clips: We love playsilks. They're used to make forts, create environments for pretend play, making dresses and costumes; truly so many things. This giant rainbow silk and the fort clips are the perfect invitation for lots of play.

Outdoor play: Gifts like a (balance) bike, a soccer ball, or roller skates are the perfect way to get kids outside and working on that coordination. All three of these are on our kids' list this year.

Building Toys: LEGO sets, magnetic building tiles, or these magnetic ball and rods are excellent choices for enhancing fine motor skills and imagination. And these are the types of toys I actually don't mind playing with as well.

Digital Camera: My kids love taking pictures and this helps me keep my phone photo roll from having 346 photos of little kid foreheads.

School-Age Kids (Ages 6-9): Kids this age (like my niece and nephew, for starters) have more specific interests they really want to engage with. Encouraging that is an easy way to nail your gifts to them.

Tamagotchi: The first of many throwbacks, you'll notice. Tamagotchis are popular again and, in a way, foster some responsibility? Either way, it's fun and nostalgic.

Acoustic Guitar: This guitar, sized perfectly for smaller hands, also comes with digital lessons so they'll be playing Smells Like Teen Spirit in no time.

Snap Circuits: For kids interested in STEM, these are great kits where the end result is something tangible, w

hich is always cool.

Books: For newly independent readers, finding books that really capture their imaginations is key. We love these series in our house: Magic Treehouse, Ramona, Princess in Black

Tweens (Ages 10-12):This group can be tough--in so many ways. But leaning into their new desires for independence and the importance of their friends can lead to some great ideas.

Fancy pens & notebook: Yes, Gelly Roll pens are back and just as cool as ever. These, paired with a fun colored notebook is sure to be a hit.

Game that's fun for the family: This edition of Cards Against Humanity is family-friendly (unless you're particularly against potty humor) and is a fun way to get everyone interacting. No screens!

STEM/Art Kits: I think many of us assume the subscription play kits are all for young children, but KiwiCo has really cool art, craft, and STEM maker kits for kids of all ages. F

rom baking to building a ukulele, there's something for everyone!

3-D doodle pen: This pen lets kids design and create things straight out of their imagination. Designed to be safe with no hot parts, this doodle pen will provide entertainment again and again.

Portable karaoke machine: While running the risk of this being a regrettably annoying gift, I don't know any group of kids that wouldn't love to sing along to their

favorite songs.

Teenagers (Ages 13-18): This list is a lot of Y2K nostalgia and has many things I'd actually be happy to receive as a gift. It's a fun one!

Our childhood, wrapped: While somewhat disconcerting, Y2K stuff is all the rage right now. Make a Gen Z'r happy with a Disposable Camera, and some flower hair clips. Yes, really.

Make TikTok easier: We know their phones are life. Support the addition with an organizing charging station, bluetooth headphones, or a mini bluetooth speaker

No filters needed: Teens are into skincare in a way that I'm only beginning to understand in my mid-30s. While they don't really need eye creams and serums to achieve a baby-face, it's not such a bad habit to support. If they're serious about their routine, this mini fridge is a great option, bonus points if you fill it with this lip mask and an ice roller.

Kindle: Yes, another screen, but this one for books. I love my Kindle and I read so much more because it's so convenient. Can be great for textbooks as well, if this teen is heading off to college soon.

Stanley: Ok, it's basically cliche at this point, but they're popular for a reason. This version is better suited to being thrown in a backpack and comes in great colors.

Please note: Many of the links above are affiliate links -- at no additional cost to you, they provide Hümanette with a small percentage of the sale. Thank you!

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