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Finding Your Community

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

As the fall season ushers in cooler weather, pumpkin-spiced everything, and vibrant foliage, parents often find themselves juggling the demands of work and parenting, social obligations and, it seems making sense of the senseless violence and volatility we see on the news. It can seem impossible to manage it all. I know that I, for one, have struggled with the events of the last few weeks as a mom, as a human. The horrors we're faced with every time we turn on the tv, radio, or open even the most escapist of social media apps are, quite honestly, too much for any person to bear. We've all seen the images of children suffering in unimaginable ways -- and rather than bringing people together to process and help in a collective way, the events have felt isolating.

While much of what we aim to provide at Hümanette centers around fun for children and the ability for caretakers to work (or just sit), there's another incredibly important piece to what we're building: community. Raising a family was never meant to be a solitary experience. And gathering to celebrate holidays and birthdays, baby showers and milestone events is great, but people need a place to gather to talk, process, connect, commiserate; help one another. People aren't meant to deal with life's highs and low alone and we can't be expected to just continue faking our "okayness" because we don't see another way.

We hope to help be a respite from those feelings of "doing it all alone;" that's why we feel so passionately about bringing Hümanette to life. We don't promise to have all the answers (or any, really), but do promise to be a place to take a moment to process, to let your kids enjoy their innocence, to meet other parents and caretakers who are like-minded, to find a space that feels a bit like a home away from home, where you can be yourself--on your good days and the hard ones, too. If this resonates with you, we ask that you consider investing in our crowdfunding campaign. Remember, this isn't a donation, it's an investment in our community -- and the one we hope to build. Even an investment of $100 helps get us closer to bringing that community to KC and beyond.

This weekend, we hope you find time to see the glimmers. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee while your kids play. Take a walk in the fall sun. Escape in a book for a while. Take care of yourselves and we'll keep working to build a space you can rely on to help you find a little peace when you need it.

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