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Brewing Community and Connection: Join Hümanette in bringing a [little] more fun to KC!

Your future coffee dates are looking a little more fun... Hümanette, your soon-to-be favorite spot in the heart of Brookside, is brewing something special and we’re oh-so-close to turning this dream into our community’s new reality.

A Milestone Worth Celebrating

I know we're all busy, we've all got a million things going on: picture day outfits to convince kids to wear, PTA meetings to attend, dinners to make (and then have maybe 1/3 of eaten), watching the Taylor Swi--I mean Chiefs games. It adds up. That's why we’re thrilled to share that Hümanette has reached a pivotal milestone in our Mainvest investment campaign, surpassing $10,000 with the support of over 10 incredible investors! This achievement is not merely a financial milestone but a testament to the belief and trust in Hümanette’s vision and potential to create a ripple effect of connection, support, and joy within our community. Why Hümanette Resonates Hümanette is not just a coffee shop with a play space; it’s a movement towards more mindful, connected, and joyful parenthood. It’s a haven where parents can find a harmonious blend of professional and personal life, where children are welcomed into a world crafted just for them, and where communities find a common ground to connect, share, and grow. Explore our vision and the inspiration behind Hümanette here. Your Impactful Contribution Every investment in Hümanette is a step towards creating a space where parents don’t have to choose between work and spending quality time with their children. It’s a commitment towards building a community that supports, uplifts, and grows together. With $25,000 left to reach our goal and 28 days left in the campaign, every contribution, big or small, brings us closer to turning Hümanette into a reality. Join Us for an Exclusive Insight We invite you to join us, Jamie and Claire, for a heartfelt and insightful virtual conversation where we dive deeper into the impact of your investment, the future of Hümanette, and how we envision it enriching our community. It’s a space for you to ask, explore, and get to know the heart and soul behind Hümanette. Choose a date that suits you and let’s connect. Every Bit Counts Whether it’s through investing, sharing our mission with your network, or simply being a part of our community, your support is invaluable. Together, we can build a space where every parent finds support, every child finds joy, and every individual finds a community. Hümanette is more than just a kid-friendly café; it’s a symbol of community, connection, and the beautiful chaos that comes with parenting. It’s a space where every sip of coffee is a moment earned, every giggle is a reassuring sound, and every new connection is a tie to our community. Join us, support us, and let’s build Hümanette, a haven where every parent and child finds their tribe.

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