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From Chaos to Celebration: Planning the Ideal Kids' Birthday Bash

Updated: May 2

I'm known for going just a bit over the top for birthday parties. What can I say, I love a good theme. What I don't love is the stress of getting my house ready to host--and then cleaning up afterward. Hosting great, stress-free parties is part of what we're so excited to bring to families at Hümanette. From invitations to table cloths, we'll handle it all. But until we can do that for you, we've got some tips for hosting a great party on your own.

1. Choose a Creative Theme: We know kids love the popular stuff (been to any Paw Patrol or Little Mermaid parties lately?) but, if you can pick something a little more unique that your child loves, it can make for a really fun theme. When my son turned two, we hosted a "Good Clean Fun" party because he was obsessed with vacuums at the time. It was cute, unexpected, and memorable.

2. Manage that Guest List: To help maintain your sanity, keep the guest list manageable, inviting close friends and family. Smaller parties allow for more interaction and fewer overwhelmed kiddos. This can be hard with young ones when inviting the whole class is typical - but keeping the party smaller will save everyone unnecessary stress.

3. Plan Varied Activities: Plan games and activities suitable for your child's age group. Scavenger hunts, craft stations, and outdoor games can keep the little ones entertained. Having a few options for kids to choose from will ensure everyone enjoys themselves. Or, if budget allows, hire out the entertainment! A bounce house, a singing princess, or a face painter is a great way to keep kids happy without coming up with games and activities.

4. Set Up a Snack Station: It may seem obvious, but prepare kid-friendly snacks like finger foods, fruit skewers, and mini sandwiches. Even if the party isn't at a meal time, kids are always hungry. If parents are staying, food and drinks that they'll enjoy are very much appreciated. On-theme cake, cupcakes, and cookies are a delicious way to add to the decor. 5. Capture the Memories: It's inevitable, you'll be too busy to take any photos. Assign someone (or hire it out!) to capture cute moments with photos and videos. You'll be so glad to have a photo of the whole family or one of the cake before it was devoured!

Want a little more help? Download Our Free Birthday Party Checklist: To help you stay organized, we've created a free downloadable birthday party checklist. It covers everything from invitations to thank-you notes. Download Now!

We can't wait to take your child's birthday celebrations to the next level at Hümanette. Until then, enjoy making special memories at home! 🎉🎈


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