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Let's Get Physical: The Benefits of Active Playtime

Hey there! We thought it was the right time to start talking about what we're going to be bringing to Kansas City--and why. At Hümanette, for the kiddos, we're all about play and how it helps kids grow and develop. We're especially big fans of physical and exploratory play, and while you're waiting for us to open, we have some ideas for how you can get your little ones in on the action.

Physical play is all about getting your kid's body moving and grooving. Think running, jumping, climbing, and throwing. Not only is this type of play super fun, but it's also great for developing gross motor skills, improving coordination and balance, and promoting overall fitness. Plus, it gives your kiddo an outlet for all that boundless energy. Win win.

What about exploratory play? This is all about encouraging your kid to explore and discover their world. Think building, experimenting, and problem-solving. This type of play helps develop cognitive skills like spatial reasoning, logic, and creativity. Plus, it helps your kiddo learn about cause and effect, build confidence in their abilities, and foster a sense of curiosity and wonder. We really like real life activities for this kind of play; spraying and wiping windows is way more fun when you're 2!

Here's some ideas for how can you encourage physical and exploratory play at home:

  1. Provide toys and materials that spark your kids' imagination, like blocks, art supplies, or cardboard boxes. Open ended means endless possibilities.

  2. Head outside for some good old-fashioned running, jumping, and climbing. Bonus points if you can try to limit your "Be Careful!"s to about half your usual amount -- this is so much harder than it sounds.

  3. Set up a cozy play area in your house with things like cushions, blankets, and pillows and let them be creative (worry about the mess later).

  4. Get silly with imaginative play, like dressing up or pretending to be superheroes.

  5. Give your kiddos fun challenges to solve, like treasure hunts or puzzles.

It doesn't have to be expensive or complicated! At Hümanette, we're all about promoting creative play and healthy child development, and we hope you'll join us on this awesome adventure! Follow along on our journey to bring creative, physical, and exploratory play to Brookside, sign up to keep up to date.

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