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Investing in Hümanette invests in your family, too

I'm sure by now you've heard that we're raising money for Hümanette through Mainvest. We could have just launched a KickStarter or GoFundMe and asked for donations--but we want you to feel like you're not only in this with us, but that you're getting a tangible return on that investment. So instead, we've partnered with Mainvest, an investment-based crowdfunding platform, to launch a campaign that gives you a chance, for as little as $100, to become a part of the Hümanette community from day.

If investment rather than donation sounds complicated, it's not. We've designed our Mainvest campaign to be inclusive, with investment levels suitable for everyone. Starting at just $100, your investment through Mainvest's safe, secure, & easy-to-use platform has a meaningful impact and brings us one step closer to our dream.

Below, we've provided some answers to the most common questions about our campaign. If you have more, feel free to reach out to us or visit our campaign's homepage at We love chatting with you!


Is This a Donation? Not at all! This is a unique investment opportunity that can yield a return on your investment.

How Much Money Will I Get Back? If we achieve success, you'll not only receive your initial investment back but also the target return on investment. For example, if the target multiple is 1.5 and you invest $100, you have the potential to earn $150.

Do I Get Ownership in the Company? We've chosen a debt-based investment structure to ensure that your investment aligns with our community values. This means you won't be acquiring ownership in the company but will have the opportunity to participate in our success. As a debt-based investment with a stated return, it helps insure a more straightforward and rewarding investment experience.

How Does Revenue Sharing Work? Every quarter, we will report our revenue to Mainvest, who will then process a percentage of that revenue back to you and our other incredible investors, insuring that both parties benefit from the success of Hümanette.

When Do Paybacks Start? Hopefully soon! When we start generating revenue, your paybacks will begin. We can't wait to celebrate this milestone with you!

Why Mainvest? Our investment model is designed to empower our community investors—individuals like you who believe in our vision and want to contribute to its success.

Mainvest provides returns to locals, not institutions; when you invest in Hümanette, you're supporting a local business and helping build something extraordinary for the community.

We genuinely believe that Hümanette is destined to be something magical, and we are inviting you to play a crucial role in making it a reality. By investing in our Mainvest campaign, you're not only supporting our dream but also investing in a unique community space where families can thrive. So thank you for considering investing in Hümanette. Spread the word, rally your friends & neighbors, and let's make Hümanette a success! We can't wait to see your name on our list of awesome investors and founding members. Stay tuned for more updates -- we can't wait to play!

Hümanette + Mainvest crowdfunding announcement

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